Who We Are

In 2013, a successful trims manufacturer and a successful fashion marketing company, both based in Hong Kong, joined forces to create Red Card. Their idea was to provide high quality tapes, labels and trims to branded fashion customers all over the world. Instead of thinking like an OEM manufacturer, the two partners realized early that the road to success lay through strong design and R&D platform that could provide a stream of ideas to its clients. It is this fresh combination of ideas together with manufacturing capabilities that gives Red Card it’s edge.

Whether we are showing you our own creations of interpreting your own concepts, samples can be produced in a very short space of time. Tapes, hang tags, and labels are produced in our own facilities. We additionally offer button and metal trims through our strong manufacturing partner network.

All productions are based on Oekotex and BSCI Euro platforms and trims are thoroughly and vigorously tested to make sure they are keeping pace with evolving best-practice standards. We also adhere to strict QC procedures to make sure that what you order is what you get.

We operate from three totally integrated platforms:
– Our showroom and RD center in Hong Kong
– Our large production facility in Shenzhen
– Our network of representatives across the world.

As well as working to individual orders, we are more than happy to discuss stocking and worldwide distribution for your labels and trims.